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Finish Line is a medical weight loss program that gets results! Not a gimmick or fad diet, it is an individualized weight loss program that incorporates your body type, age, sex, activity level, and any underlying metabolic issues.

Finish Line Weight Loss has high accountability. Patients meet with the physician weekly for the first month and then every two weeks for the second and third months. This ensures success! At the initial visit, your goal weight is determined. For every patient, the realistic goal at 12 weeks is to lose 10% or more of his/her body weight. For some, that will be their goal weight. For others, they can continue with the program.

Fasting labs are drawn at baseline and at the end of the 12-week program.

Fit3D Whole Body Pro-scanner

Finish Line Weight Loss uses the innovative technology of the Fit3D body scanner. Fit3D makes an exact avatar of your body with all its measurements. Using infrared technology, it determines your exact body composition meaning your percentage of body fat and muscle or lean mass. By comparing scans during the program, the doctor can ensure you are losing weight in a healthy, sustainable manner. Some popular diets do lead to rapid weight loss, but the scale cannot differentiate between losing lean mass versus fat mass. This type of weight loss can cause patients to look older and even sickly. Healthy weight loss will lead to losing almost all fat mass and little or no muscle. Patients look younger! Regular exercise and strength training is also key. Scans can be compared to track progress and are highly motivating.


In some cases, metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance or thyroid disease need to be treated first to lose weight successfully. Some patients never feel full, and some have unhealthy emotional eating habits. Some struggle with cravings and self-control. At your initial visit, the doctor will determine if you would be a good candidate for a weight loss medication.


Another important part of the program is meeting with a functional nutritionist to assess any needs. She will do an Emotional Eating Evaluation which identifies any obstacles to weight loss and ensures sustainability after the program. She is a great resource for things like increasing protein or healthy fat in your diet, trying new vegetables and grains, and learning to get balanced nutrition while losing weight.

Crossing the Finish Line

Once you have reached your goal weight, you are a lifetime member of Finish Line Weight Loss. If you stay within 5 pounds of your goal weight, you can come anytime to weigh in or scan FOR FREE. If you gain more, you may return while only paying until you get back to your goal weight. This assures that you won’t be left on your own, and we will be here to intervene when you need us.

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